2016 Attendee Testimonials

The new changes reveal the value/need of strengthening my skills/knowledge and will give me an opportunity to “dig deeper” in my understanding/application of the tools.

I am so glad that I went, because there was so much great information about the changes coming. I also enjoyed seeing my Birkman friends and colleagues.

I learned so much! I loved learning about all the changes coming – and am very excited about them! The break-out sessions were great, especially ideas for using Birkman tools and activities with teams.

An overall understanding of the changes, as well as some insights into new tools and ways of using Birkman… Took away a lot, actually, which makes the conference very relevant to my work.

The new products demonstrated Birkman International is positioning for the future market with progressive goals and a structure to deliver results.

Thank YOU for the thoughtful and comprehensive way you planned this conference. I am grateful to be a part of the Birkman community!

I feel thankful for having the opportunity to attend it, I feel grateful for being a Birkman consultant, and I love to be around people that share my passion and vision of helping others through this great instrument.

Wow – as someone who has helped created conferences in the past, I was blown away with the attention to detail, the gorgeous decorations, the awesome swag and great food. You guys went above and beyond in taking care of us for this event. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this together.

The quality was exceptional…..from the interesting location, to the choice of fine hotel, to meals, to changes in the Birkman Profile, to speakers, etc. Excellent job!

It was truly one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Thank you so much!

This was an extremely well run conference. The attention to detail was phenomenal. Not only was the content well presented, the energy in all the rooms was very positive and supportive. Additionally, the new support and marketing material is very well done. You should be so proud!

I loved the authenticity and directness of the Birkman team. It felt like an intimate discussion with the team.

This was an excellent event. Speakers were terrific. The parade was fun. The Birkman staff and Sharon and Amy were present, engaged, and very helpful!

Congratulations to all the Birkman staff on a successful conference. You exceeded my expectations with the location, food and fun activities. Its takes much time and effort organizing an event of this size with a small team! Thank you for all you did to create a wonderful event for your clients! I look forward to 2018 conference in Atlanta.

I have experienced so many wonderful things associated with the Birkman Method and appreciated all the hard work of so many of you for many years – this felt like a real celebration of many of your dreams and efforts. I continue to learn, and that is a joy!

Learning from Birkman leaders and peers in the field is SO powerful and greatly influences my own practice… it was my 1st conference, and I won’t miss the next one!

I appreciate (much more than I possibly could if I didn’t attend) the strategy and deep consideration that has been given to the sustainability of the company and scalability of the Birkman brand in the future. I hate to think if I hadn’t attended.

Good to see the company growing in the capable hands of competent staff – think the changes are good and well thought through… way to go….

Birkman is growing and have significantly improved the look and feel of their reports. More exciting products are coming next year.

My “take away” was that Birkman continues to be upgraded, normed and/or maintained in ways that allow me to be confident in making it the assessment of choice for my coaching practice.

Since this was my first conference, I was on “sponge-mode” soaking up as much as I could about how to use the BIrkman more effectively with my coaching practice and client work. The new changes and more emphasis on marketing assistance are WONDERFUL! Love the new look! Its fresh and bright and looks hip! Dan Perryman and Courtney Abraham were fabulous. I learned a lot from them as well as Carl Hicks. Every session I attended was beneficial.

1) Loved loved loved all the new marketing materials and investment. 2) Always a thrill to make more Birkman friends. 3) I’m not a real big phone chatter, so I enjoyed the time with various Birkman staff, and appreciated your all’s presence and availability.

That Birkman as a company is serious about growth and working with the consultants to help them grow their businesses. The Birkman team is strong. That matters.

This conference was one of the best conferences that I’ve attended to in the last couple of years! The new information, the way that you’ve shared it with us, the balance between the professional info. & The time for networking, the facility, the food and of course the GREAT Birkman team that are there to support and answer any question. Well done and thank you.

I thought it was terrific. I had an opportunity to talk with both new consultants and older and all were very appreciative and excited about the movement being made.

I just wanted to say thank you for ALL the work everyone did to make the conference so wonderful. I cannot imagine how much work went into the convention. I learned so much and had a great time meeting other consultants and getting to visit with the staff. I think we have the nicest and the most positive group in the world. Again, thank you for making this possible.

Very excited to see the work that has gone into the changes. Very current and I believe they will be well recieved and meaningful to with whom I work. Also, the changes are a practical approach and makes it easier for the consultant to view information and prepare for a discussion. Great stuff!

It was my first conference & I was blown away by the quality of presenters & information. The attention to detail overall was on point. Great job y’all.