#1: Share a copy of the 2016 Conference program.

View and download a PDF of 2016 Conference program, which lists the sessions and speakers from last year.

The breakout session topics—from team building to engagement—will continue to be covered in 2018, with an emphasis in areas that got the best feedback.

#2: Let your company know that you can save on travel by combining training and conference into one trip.

Not only is the room rate at The Ritz-Carlton discounted for our attendees, you can save on airfare by combining continuing education into your trip instead of making two separate trips in 2018.

#3: Show your manager the Reasons to Attend Infographic.

This isn't just a pretty picture—the Reasons to Attend Infographic includes real statistics from the last Birkman Conference, including the demographics of attendees and feedback ratings on the experience.

Take it one step further, and share attendee testimonials. Birkman received incredibly positive reviews about the entire experience, from the breakout session content to event organization to the catered meals.

#4: Choose which speakers you want to hear.

Birkman guest speakers come from all backgrounds—consulting, corporate talent development, coaching, education... the list goes on.

Review the 2018 speaker list and see if there are any organizations or consultants that you see as leaders in cultivating talent. Mention to your manager which ones in particular you look forward to learning from and connecting with.

Because the Birkman conference is relatively intimate in size compared to larger HR conferences, you'll get more face time with thought leaders and won't get lost in the crowd.

#5: Know that you'll get even more out of using Birkman.

If your organization is already making the investment in using an assessment for employees, why not use the tool to its fullest extent?

At the Birkman 2018 Conference, you'll learn creative ways to use Birkman assessments to develop talent, nurture leadership, connect teams, and review candidates. Birkman can benefit all levels within a company and all stages in the employee life cycle.

Get the most out of Birkman, and bring back ideas to further leverage your investment in talent.

#6: Use this template to persuade your manager.

Birkman has created this letter template for you to customize with your reasons for attending and expected costs.


Use this to make the case to your manager about the value of attending—both for your own professional development as well as for reaching your company's greater goals of using Birkman.