Dear Birkman Friends,

I know how busy you are and how hard it is to set aside time for a conference, especially if you have to travel. The work you do each day—helping others become their best selves, find their path, and grow—is important, and it's hard to interrupt your daily demands. However, nothing equals the power and value of connecting in person or replaces your own professional growth as you learn from others and find new inspiration.

Our 2016 conference in New Orleans was the largest (and many said our best!) Birkman conference ever. We received exceptionally positive feedback from the attendees, and I send a huge thank you to all who made it such a memorable time. As with everything we do at Birkman, we strive to honor the past while innovating for the future. To this end, we anticipate an even bigger Birkman celebratory reunion next February in Atlanta.

For 2018, we're inviting back some of the best-reviewed speakers from previous conferences, and we're introducing new experts from a variety of backgrounds. We're covering a diverse set of topics, expanding the content choices, and adding more opportunities for you to network than ever before.

We've chosen Atlanta for its vibrant culture and also because it's home to some of our most dedicated and enthusiastic Birkman practitioners. After our conference officially concludes on Friday, we've scheduled the optional "Atlanta Excursion" event for Friday afternoon. If you can, plan to relax with me and explore the local culture—we’ll enjoy some Atlanta highlights.

Please plan now to join us for the 2018 Conference!

Sharon Birkman
President & CEO